Welcome to claymaster E.com

We are a company owned by women, and our vendors are women at this time. We do not exclude male vendors, and are hoping that as time goes on, we will have the opportunity to offer their creations along side ours on our website! Currently, our vendors consist of Ari-Jon Fashions, who offers a wide variety of jewelry items, notably, eyeglass holder pins, ball chain rings and earrings galore. Prices range from low to moderate. Everything is made of quality materials. And consider the wide variety of styles and colors! The vendors Claymaster E and Pretty Things By Travis offer items made of resin featuring handmade polymer clay figures and embellishments of glass, plastic,paper, trays, coasters/mini plaques, keychains, phone grips and more. Prices range from low to moderate. Filter by Claymaster E , Ari-Jon, or Pretty Things By Travis and enjoy the variety of offerings.