• Toe rings and ankle bracelets for Summer!

    Many ladies are pairing the ankle bracelets with the easily sizeable ball chain toe rings with a mid-calf flowing skirt for a stunning summery look that oozes bohemian vibes! These items are made by Ari-Jon Fashions, and are available on the website. Enjoy your summer!
  • February New Items

    We have kind of gotten back to work after the Holidays and have added a few new and different items to the website. We hope you approve.  They are cute and fun! 

    Thank you all!

  • Vintage China on my Mind

    We have several patterns of vintage China available if anyone is considering opening a tea room! None are complete 8 PC settings, but all patterns combined, there is everything, including serving dishes and platters.
  • New Items Added Recently!

    Christmas is almost upon us, and I would like to point out the wide variety of gifts and novelties we offer.  Ari-Jon Fashions has added new necklaces, ankle bracelets and earrings this week! We added new decorative jars and trays.  We also offer vintage China, costume jewelry and Furbys in the original box.  Check out our products!8
  • Hidey Holes!

    Hi!  I am Claymaster E of  I am 69 years old,  blind in one eye, with arthritic fingers, but I love creating items with polymer cl...
  • Butz monster family

    Welcome the butz family